What is twice as good as our Bourbon Barrel Aged Mead? Our mead aged in 2 Buffalo Trace® Experimental bourbon barrels! These barrels are hard to come by (we’re honestly not sure how we got our hands on them) and each of the barrels has unique characteristics and experimental changes in the mash bill, types of wood, barrel toasts and more. Periodically, an experimental whiskey is bottled and sold on a limited basis and can command over $3000 per bottle! We fermented our raw clover blossom mead faster than normal to give it a punch of heat, then barrel aged it in 2 successive Buffalo Trace® Experimental barrels. Just as experimental as the barrels they were aged in.

This is a unique batch that can never be replicated and we are excited to offer it exclusively through Odin Mead’s tasting room.

Learn more about the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection.

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